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about rubrics

By definition, a rubric is a statement of purpose or function. Rubrics can be found in liturgical books and provide direction as to how a church service should be conducted. The word "rubric" originated in a Latin word for an earthy red color which is why the rubrics in most liturgical books are printed in red. This is also why Rubric Knitting Know-how which provides purpose, function, and direction to knitters and knitting designers has adopted a deep rich red as our company color.

about us

frances smyth

Frances is a lifelong knitter. She has taught knitting classes for churches and community groups. She has organized community knitting groups and works to support local yarn shops and independent designers and dyers. She has been a test knitter and sample knitter for independent designers, design companies, and local yarn shops. Professionally, she has worked as a teacher, a conference coordinator, and a nurse practitioner. She brings knitting skills, organizational skills, and people skills to Rubrics!

varian brandon

Varian learned to knit when she was eight and was introduced to stranded colorwork (fair isle) knitting on a trip to Great Britain.  This style of knitting appealed to her background in architecture and design. Today she is a stranded colorwork designer who also teaches at various fiber festivals and yarn shops nationally. Varian currently coordinates a yearly knitting and quilting retreat which is in its 15th year as of 2020. She hopes to bring the experience of knitwear designer and retreat coordinator to the joint endeavor of Rubrics.

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