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designer dialogue 

Jen Lucas of Jen Lucas Designs joins us for another conversation with knitting designers. Jen also designs crochet patterns and enjoys cross-stitch projects. Participant Q&A to follow. 

june 1, 2020

format: online presentation/info only
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destination & online events

for budding knitting designers… who want to build a solid base for their design business.

for intermediate and advanced knitters…who have taken beginners' classes and want to increase their knitting know-how.

symposiums & workshops 

symposiums…mostly information and conversations where knitting bags are welcome but not necessary.

workshops…hands-on information with tips and techniques to take you to that next level in your knitting or design life. Bring your knitting bags!

event formats

info only  

we provide…speakers and teachers to present timely and useful information in an accessible destination or online format 

you provide…transportation, hotel accommodations, and meals (destination events) or internet connections (online events)

info plus

we provide...speakers and teachers to present timely and useful information. Accommodations and meals (destination event) or an accessible internet platform format (online event).

you provide…transportation to the location (destination event) or internet connection (online event)

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